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Project summary

Continuation of Dream reveals the environmental challenges of the Brazil Amazon and the Antarctic Peninsula. The need of society to live in harmony with nature appears to be at the heart of realizing our personal dreams.

The documentary is recorded in vulnerable regions around the Brazil Amazon and the Antarctic Peninsula. Environmental initiatives, political institutions and NGOs have been asked to give their perspective on nurturing harmony between nature and society. The shared idea is that important social and environmental improvements have been made and that simultaneously ongoing attention is needed.

The aim of the documentary is to reach and inspire the international community and ultimately to contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources and maintenance of protected areas.

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The Characters

Plinio Encarnacao (Brazil, Manaus)

Vice President of Amazonia Association

Plinio Encarnacao works for the Associação Amazônia and is
based in Manaus in the Amazon state of Brazil. He has
dedicated his life and work towards empowering indigenous
communities having a more dignified life.
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Bob Barbosa (Brazil, Santarém)
Educommunicator at Saúde & Alegria

Bob works for the NGO Saúde & Alegria which operates in
and around Santarém in the Para state of Brazil. He works
with communication and education techniques to stimulate
health and happiness among communities in remote areas.
Caetano Scannavino Filho (Brazil, Santarém)
Project coordinator at Saúde & Alegria

Saúde & Alegria literally means Health and Happiness.
And this is what Caetano stands for: bringing health and
happiness to the local communities, to the people that
live inside the rainforest.
Pedro Soares (Brazil, Manaus)
Carbon Neutral Program Coordinator at IDESAM

Pedro works at IDESAM, which promotes the
valuation and sustainable use of natural resources in the
Amazon and seeks for alternative solutions regarding
environmental conservation, social development and
climate change mitigation.
Miguel Ramirez (Argentina, Ushuaia)
Provincial Director of Antarctica
in the province of Tierra del Fuego

Miguel Angel Ramirez works as Provincial director of
Antarctica in Ushuaia, Argentina. He coordinates all
geo-political and logistical assistance for the Argentinean
bases in Antarctica. Besides strengthening the province
Tierra del Fuego and the permanency of Argentina in
Antarctica he, works on an international level to conserve
the environment of Antarctica.
Jordi Plana Morales (Spain, sailing worldwide)
Guide Antarctic Peninsula Expedition

Jordi works worldwide as guide and scientist and is
expedition leader at wild natural reserves. He researches
the biogenetics and distribution of kelp (large seaweeds)
and the genetics and population of whales.
Leonardo Alcantora (Brazil, Mina Gerais)
Researcher and President of the Environmental Education Program

Leonardo is dedicated to support local communities
on justice level in the Mina Gerais State of Brazil.
At the time of recording he is still a sociology
student. With a strong belief in the function of
democracy, he points out that plurality and social
participation at best can result in communion.
He works for an NGO that provides minorities with
judicial support. The idea is that legal science can
contribute to the environment and that education
can contribute to preventing conflicts.